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Steve Fontana

Dear Mr. Owen

My conversion to the true wonder of God's creation:

About eight or nine years ago my sister called from Florida and asked for prayer for my nephew. She, my brother-in-law and their two children had accepted the truth that God created everything just as Genesis describes. They routinely listened to Protestant Christian Radio and received information from a Protestant Ministry called Answers In Genesis. My nephew, then about 10 years old, defended his creation beliefs when he was confronted with evolution in his Florida public class room. He was well received there and his opinion was given respect. Subsequently, he defended his faith again in his Catholic CCD class where they were openly teaching evolution. In his religion class he was ridiculed by both the instructor and the other students. He was heartbroken, and this is what prompted my sister to call and ask for prayer.

My friend Ed Razz had been feeding me tidbits of information about God's Act of Creation, but I didn't think it was a big issue. "After all," I said, "Genesis says that God created Adam from the dust of the earth, and evolution says Adam was created from the dust of the earth." But the phone call from my sister really bothered me, and I had to get more information. I told Ed what had happened to my nephew. Ed wrote a very encouraging letter to him, and gave me Dr. Gary Parker's book Creation Facts. About half way through the book the scales fell off my eyes, and I truly could never believe in evolution again.

I decided to write the Pope and tell him what had happened to my nephew. I didn't have the Pope's address, but Human Life International had sent me Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger's address along with the addresses of other Vatican Officials. I figured Cardinal Ratzinger was close enough, so I addressed the package to him. The letter, I addressed to Our Lord Jesus Christ the Most High, and His Holiness Pope John Paul II. The reason I decided to go over the Pope's head was because I didn't know if he would receive the letter, but in Christ Jesus I knew that the Pope and I were closer than anyone could imagine. The letter was a prayer and I spoke to both Our Lord and the Pope within it. I told them about what had happened to my nephew. I thanked both of them for helping me in my conversion from the sin of contraception. I asked the Lord and the Pope for help with this similar big lie called evolution, and I enclosed Gary Parker's book Creation Facts.

There is no doubt in my mind that Our Lord Jesus answered my prayer and called upon Hugh Owen and the Kobe Center for the Study of Creation. Hugh and the Kolbe Center are an answer to many of our prayers and continue to be a blessing to all of us. I received a letter later from someone who said that the Pope had seen my letter and was touched by my thoughts. Perhaps today he is finding the time to personally answer my request for help.

Your brother in Christ Jesus Always

Steve Fontana
BS Mechanical Engineering

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