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Michael Dekee

I wanted to give my story. I'm from Belgium and I'm the author of the Dutch language book called 'The Theory of Evolution Debunked' (De evolutietheorie ontkracht) and the website I was raised as a Catholic, but I had become lukewarm. Since my childhood I was very much interested in nature, and by the time I went to university to study biology, I was an amateur-taxidermist with a large collection of fossils, shells, skeletons etc., and I cleaned and articulated many of the skeletons myself. I was very involved in biology, and I was a member of several biological associations. In 2011 I had a dream about Judgement Day, and I found myself unprepared. So, when I woke up, I realized I had to learn to pray again. I was in my second year at university. Then, at the end of my third year, when I had difficulties with the course 'evolution' - because of my renewed faith - I had this dream: I had an evolution exam and it didn't work out very well, suddenly I stood next to a priest who had a Bible in his hand, and he said: "God created the world; He created Adam and Eve.  What else do you need to know?" - Then I woke up. Short time later, I had another dream: Again, I was at the evolution exam at the university, and I couldn't fill in a thing - then we had to go to the professor and choose a book out of a pile of books, to denounce at the oral exam. They were all books about God. Then I woke up and decided to quit my biology studies (I almost had my bachelor’s degree). And now, a few years later, I have written a book about my experiences and about the fatal flaws in the theory of evolution.

God Bless,
Michael Dekee

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