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Dr. Kevin Mark, D.M.D.

Dear Mr. Owen,

Thank you so much for you diligence in upholding the traditional Catholic and true view of the history of the Earth. I am a dentist in Killarney, Manitoba, Canada, and my wife and I and four children will be received into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil. The main points that forced me to convert are the Church's stances regarding the evil of contraception, the heresy of sola fide, the concept of Sacred Tradition and the testimony of the Apostolic Fathers (vs. sola
scriptura), the oneness of the Church (vs. the brokenness of Protestantism), the necessity of Baptism, and the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Holy Eucharist. Through your website and recordings I've watched/listened to on YouTube, you have helped me to want to
continue entering the Catholic Church in spite of the huge numbers of Catholics who believe in molecules-to-man evolution.

It is abundantly clear to me from a scientific perspective that the theory of evolution is false, that it is theologically contrary to the teaching of the Bible and to the true character of God. While I have been greatly dismayed by the thoughts and actions of many a Catholic who seems to segment his faith into a compartment that is seemingly unrelated to the "rest" of his life, and while I am converting to Catholicism because of doctrine and the leading of the Lord and not because of (but in fact, in spite of) the example of many Catholics, the fact that evolution is almost universally embraced by Catholics and especially Catholic intellectuals is incredibly disheartening. The fact that someone like yourself and your organization exists lets me know that I'm not crazy, and that there is actually a remnant of hope in Christianity (and specifically within Catholicism).

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent work and I want to encourage you to keep it up. I can only imagine the frustration and difficulties you must face trying to make headway against such a sea of willful ignorance cloaked in an aura of enlightenment. You are doing an important work which has strengthened my faith and encouraged me greatly. I agree with you that if Catholics throw out evolutionary mythology in favor of the traditional doctrine of Creation, many protestants will enter the Church. By God's grace He will continue to use you to bring the Truth to Catholics. May Our Lady pray for you, and may Our Lord continue to bless you.

Dr. Kevin Mark, D.M.D.
Killarney, Manitoba, Canada

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