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Are you a former evolutionist, who has come to believe in the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation? If so, would you be willing to share an account of your conversion, in 600 words or less? Please explain briefly what you used to believe about origins, what changed your mind, and how that change has affected your life — especially your relationship with God.

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  1. As a former communist,atheist, and evolutionist my conversion to the Catholic Faith and it’s beauty was profound to say the least. The Communist agenda is simple:remove God from anything and everything. Which is why the classroom is targeted aggressively with Darwinism and other contemporary ideas. What changed my mind was the work of Augustine and the holes in darwinism/atheism/communism. All of which led me to the True Faith. Thanks to the Kolbe Center, my views were not only changed but strengthened. The Glory and Goodness of God shine even more brilliantly than ever before. Thanks be to God for the Catholic Faith and the Kolbe Center.

  2. Thanks be to God, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I converted to the Catholic Church three years ago at the age of 17. Coming from a secular background, I at first felt very at home with evolutionary beliefs going hand in hand with my newly found Catholic faith. It was not until I went to college that I began to recognize the serious inconsistencies with this position. I had tried to maintain a certain confidence that the teachings of the Church and “modern science” were compatible. I even tried to use evolution as a way to reach out to my atheistic professors, who would typically shoot down the notion with statements such as “evolution takes away the need of a creator God.” However, I couldn’t reconcile the fact that polygenism, an idea widely accepted by modern science, is regarded as heretical with Catholic teaching. After I came to this realization, the rest became history. It all fell into place. If Jesus could create enough bread and fish to feed 5,000, why couldn’t God create the known universe in 6 days? Why would God allow hundreds of millions of years of death and sickness before opening the annals of salvation history? If I have no trouble believing that there are bodies of saints that never decay, why should I take issue with the idea of people once living for hundreds of years? A young earth fits the narrative of salvation better than any theory of man can. Accepting Genesis 1-11 as literal history has given me an even greater appreciation for the power and mercy of God. I thank Him daily for ever more revealing the fullness of His eternal truth, and pray that all may recognize the awesome creator that He is!

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