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  • Rick Mudd

    Dear Mr. Owen; I left the Catholic Church in my late teens. I was doing things that made me feel guilty and going to Mass made it worse so instead of repenting, seeking God's forgiveness and the Grace to change, I went my own way. (The song we used at my 8th grade Catholic school graduation was Sinatra's "I Did it My Way"!) During my 20+ years away from the Church I became enamored of the Eastern philosophies of Chuang Tzu, Lao Tzu, Buddhism, Baghwan Shree Rashneesh. To recover from a serious compulsive drinking problem I joined a twelve-step program and began to seek God more systematically in 1988. I read a fair amount of Buddhist literature but also attended Unity church services, First Metaphysical Church of Flint services, read all kinds of pop-psych and new age literature, read some Catholic materials sent by my sister Linda, investigated alternative healing methods, trained in a TM offshoot called Silent Sharing, and studied massage therapy. I went to a Church of the Nazarene service once and attended Mass for a few months while dating a Catholic woman. No conversion yet. In 1998, while working with my sister Linda in a network marketing …

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