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  • Janice Money

    As a child, I learned about evolution at school and in books.  Therefore it had the stamp of authority and I believed it.  At age 8, when I started Sunday School, I was given a Bible and first read Genesis.  I was deeply impressed.  How clever of God, I thought, to have managed to have His creation story written so that, at least in some respects, it matched the evolutionary story I already knew. Over the next 7 years I heard no hint from anyone at church that evolution might not be true.  Indeed, as an exam prize I was given a book that promotes belief in theistic evolution.  In its first 2 chapters my copy of “More Living Things for Lively Youngsters” describes the origin of the solar system and of life on earth in standard evolutionary terms.  Mention of God is restricted to noting that the Bible says man was made from the dust of the earth, as though God used the evolution of life from non-living matter to make man. Two of my high school friends were from strongly atheist families.  They argued that evolution proves that God is an unnecessary idea.  I could see the logic …

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