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  • Eva

    I wasn't raised Catholic and viewed the Catholic Church and the notion of God and submission to the Church as any other atheist: an authoritarian, intrusive obstacle to my liberty. Raised in public school, this notion was rooted deeper throughout the years in my soul. Convinced, in my feminist pride, I even went and took a 4-year B.Sc. (called a licentiate) in Biochemistry, and was ready to use it against religion. Besides, I was close to satanism. I hated the Catholic Church. Contrast this with the fact that all this happened in Portugal, a land of Catholic roots. Nowadays most young people are atheist or at best indifferent. In Portugal, there are only two options: either you're Catholic or you're an atheist. I know very well what atheists mean when they say that "God did it" doesn't explain anything. When reason doesn't work, that's what you get - they have no clue who God is. Nor does it matter to them, because they are only interested in pleasures. Having always had an attraction for philosophy, I began to thirst for truth and realized that even though Catholicism was all around me, my family and some friends were Catholic, my country …

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