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Stone Robbins

Thanks be to God, through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, I converted to the Catholic Church three years ago at the age of 17. Coming from a secular background, I at first felt very at home with evolutionary beliefs going hand in hand with my newly found Catholic faith. It was not until I went to college that I began to recognize the serious inconsistencies with this position. I had tried to maintain a certain confidence that the teachings of the Church and "modern science" were compatible. I even tried to use evolution as a way to reach out to my atheistic professors, who would typically shoot down the notion with statements such as "evolution takes away the need of a creator God." However, I couldn't reconcile the fact that polygenism, an idea widely accepted by modern science, is regarded as heretical according to Catholic teaching. After I came to this realization, everything fell into place.  If Jesus could create enough bread and fish to feed 5,000, why couldn't God create the known universe in 6 days? Why would God allow hundreds of millions of years of death and sickness before opening the annals of salvation history? If I have no trouble believing that there are bodies of saints that never decay, why should I take issue with the idea of people once living for hundreds of years? A young earth fits the narrative of salvation better than any theory of man can. Accepting Genesis 1-11 as literal history has given me an even greater appreciation for the power and mercy of God. I thank Him daily for ever more fully revealing His eternal truth, and I pray that all may recognize what an awesome Creator He is!

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