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Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation
Dennis R. Petersen
Master Books, 2002
240 pages
$28.00 + $5.50 S&H






Dennis Petersen does a fine job of presenting the evidence for a literal interpretation of Genesis and does so in a book that is filled with attractive figures and photographs. It is dedicated to the next generation and is intended to strengthen their faith in God's Word. Dennis covers the topic of creation in a format that will appeal to children as well as to adults.

The book is divided into four sections: 1.) Unlocking the Mysteries of the Early Earth, 2.) Unlocking the Mysteries of Evolution, 3.) Unlocking the Mysteries of Original Man, and 4.) Unlocking the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations.

Section 1 - Unlocking the Mysteries of the Early Earth - describes the six-day creation and contrasts it to the typical evolutionary approach, plainly showing that the two are incompatible. Also presented is evidence of a young Earth as well as facts demonstrating that the original Earth was very different before the Flood.

Section 2 - Unlocking the Mysteries of Evolution - scrutinizes the teachings of evolutionary theory and contrasts them with true science. The impossibility of the "big bang" theory, the impossibility of life spontaneously generating from non-living matter, and the impossibility of increasing complexity are well documented.

Section 3 - Unlocking the Mysteries of Original Man - examines the hominoid fossils and shows that they are all apes, men, or frauds. The efforts of evolutionists to humanize apes and brutalize men are shown to be primarily an attempt to deny man's spiritual nature. Striking evidence of humans and dinosaurs coexisting is beautifully illustrated.

Section 4 - Unlocking the Mysteries of Ancient Civilizations - shows many examples of highly advanced, ancient civilizations. Evolutionary theory presupposes that life in general and man in particular have been constantly developing from lower to higher forms. This section shows that ancient man was technically advanced in many ways, just as the Bible indicates.

This outstanding book has generated a great deal of interest, as well as some controversy, among defenders of the traditional understanding of Genesis. A review by Answers in Genesis was rather critical and accuses the book of relying on outdated or controversial information. There may be a certain amount of justification on some of their points but even among creationists, there is not perfect agreement.

For example, AIG says "reputable creationist speakers don't use Paluxy." However, many creationists have seen the footprints and believe that they are human. AIG also mentions the Ica Stones and concludes that "The evidence now appears to strongly suggest that they are of modern-day manufacture." My review of Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines shows that although there have been modern-day forgeries, most of the stones are genuinely old. Most of the criticisms of AIG concern speculative information in the book. Just because it is speculative doesn't mean that it is necessarily wrong. There is an abundance of reliable information in the book which supports the creationist world view.

Mr. Petersen answers his critics by indicating that there is plenty of room for discussion on various topics. He even includes AIG on his list of creation web sites in the back of the book. This information and more is available at A CD of the entire book as well as other material on creation is also available there.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Creation is well worth the cost and is a valuable addition to a creationist library. It is loaded with facts and photos that clearly demonstrate the reliability of Genesis and the futility of evolutionary theories. It is a valuable tool in re-establishing the link with our true past.

Eric Bermingham
February 11, 2007

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