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The Evolution Hoax Exposed

 The Evolution Hoax Exposed
A. N. Field
Tan Books, 1971
104 pages
$9.00 + S&H

Available from: TAN Books and Publishers, Inc.
P.O. Box 424
Rockford, Illinois 61105
(800) 437-5876






This may be the most politically incorrect book on the market about the creation evolution controversy. It was originally published in 1941 under the title Why Colleges Breed Communists. The author is A. N. Field, Arthur Nelson Field (1882-1963), a New Zealander whose extreme views got him into some trouble with the liberal establishment. Some of his remarks may provoke allegations of anti-Semitism or racism. However, his comments on evolution are very enlightening. Even though the book was published in 1941, it is as relevant today as it was back then.

One quotation from the book perhaps sums it up best, "From top to bottom there is nothing whatever that will hang together. Evolution is the biggest scientific fraud of all time." Mr. Field is merciless in his criticism of the errors of evolutionism. Not only does he show clearly that evolutionistic theories are scientifically untenable, but he also illustrates how evolution is used by atheists and communists to provoke revolutions against the established order.

The Evolution Hoax Exposed is a concise, insightful book which contains views that are as fresh today as they were in 1941. Mr. Field's pithy style goes straight to the point on many issues surrounding the origins debate.

Eric Bermingham
December 13, 2006

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