Wonderful Are Thy Works: A Parents’ Guide to Natural Science Education


By: Pamela Acker

There are several fundamental problems with modern science education. The omnipresent information about evolution is just one of these, which is an overt symptom of more foundational philosophical misunderstandings. Ultimately, whether or not evolution occurred is an historical question, not a scientific one. It has only come to be treated as a scientific issue because of a profound misunderstanding of what science is and how it works; and that misunderstanding is cemented in the public imagination by the way that we teach science to students. In this little book biologist Pamela Acker discusses two of the fundamental problems that relate to K-12 science education, and lays out an alternative framework that parents can use to direct their approach to provide a sound science education that will inoculate their children against the primary scientific errors of our day.


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