The World from Beginning to End and the Era of Peace – E-Book (PDF)


One might think that writing a book titled, The World from Beginning to End and the Era of Peace would need to be an extremely detailed and voluminous work comparable to Arnold Toynbee’s 12-volume treatise on the history of the world that contains more than 3 million words and 7,000 pages. But Eric Bermingham, an unassuming but competent intellectual in his own right, has given us an abridged version of world history that, pound for pound, is much more insightful than Toynbee’s could ever be. That is because Eric’s book has one major line of thought that allowed him to interpret man’s history in a very simplified manner. Whereas Toynbee struggled in his massive work to find the common thread that summarized all of human culture so that he could analyze any group of people and show how man either evolved or devolved in each successive culture, Eric’s perspective is the simple notion of good versus evil as it appears in its various and sundry forms, and how each man responds to that God-given challenge. As such, his book is much simpler and more focused than Toynbee’s.

Eric’s book, in brief, is nothing short of a clarion call to the human race. But it is not a call in which Eric has a brand new solution to human life that will destine his book to be at the top of the New York Times bestseller list because it shows how everything can once again be rosy. No, Eric’s book is more like how the prophet Daniel would write the history of the world. That is, we have come to a point in which the history of mankind may be reaching its close and Eric is going to tell you what to expect and how to prepare for it. No, there is no date-predicting of when Christ will return; rather, Eric has given us a fascinating and logical connecting of the prophetic and historical dots from Adam to the Second Coming that shows us how the ‘good versus evil’ theme of human history will most likely play itself out. These are not his predictions; rather, Eric has gathered an incredible list of outstanding witnesses who, in one form or another, have been given a gift from God to tell us what to expect in the not too distant future and how to live through it.

Robert A. Sungenis, Ph.D.


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There is such a wow factor here. The author has an impressive science background but the book is straightforward and understandable, using credible and scientific support for all claims. There are some parts in this book which could even make skeptics check whether or not they are being intellectually honest. This book provides a well-needed sense of relief by going a step further than saying God created the world. It elucidates some confusing "unknowns" of cosmology and geology - the important aspects of science that a person will likely pick up during a lifetime and come away with a gloomy lack of clarity. After reading this book, I can see that in my experience, Catholic education has left a void around these topics to be filled with much speculation. An honest reader will realize this is not "flat earth" teaching or some far fetched, anti-science view. Quite the contrary. And so, the book is quite uplifting. Given the advances in scientific experimentation and credible observations that are outlined in this book, it begs the question why this could not be added to Catholic curriculum to balance out the perspective for students at every age-appropriate level.

G. Thomas


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