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Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center,

Christ is risen!  Alleluia!

Did you ever consider the fact that every Christian who believes in the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is necessarily a creationist—a believer in the instantaneous supernatural creation of man, body and soul?  As surprising as that might sound, in view of the fact that most Catholics in the Western world consider themselves theistic evolutionists, it is true.  When the Sacred Body of Our Lord Jesus Christ was taken down from the Cross, it was not only lifeless; it was mutilated.  When His Sacred Body was laid in the tomb, there was no doubt that His Soul had left His Body.  The corpse of Our Lord therefore had no natural potential to become the body of a living breathing human being.  Through death It had become a disorganized assortment of chemicals, with absolutely no potential to become a living human being—much less the Body of the Son of God, a body free from every defect, made immortal and impassible.

Yet as commemorated each year by the Miracle of the Holy Fire in the Church of the Redeemer in Jerusalem, and as recorded on the Holy Shroud of Turin, at a certain moment after the end of the Holy Saturday Sabbath, the Holy Ghost descended upon the lifeless Body of the Eternal Word and instantaneously raised from the dead the Body of the perfect God-Man, now immortal and impassible, even while bearing the glorified Wounds of Calvary.  It is this moment that scientific experts like Dr. Robert Jackson at the Shroud of Turin Research Center say is recorded on the Holy Shroud of Turin, as the entrance of the Soul of Christ into His Body produced a flash of radiance that imprinted a perfect image of the Holy Face and Body of Jesus upon the linen Shroud, as a permanent photograph of Our Holy Redeemer.  In light of these facts, it is ironic that most of those who celebrate the Resurrection of the Last Adam and our own future bodily resurrection at the end of the world refuse to believe in the special creation of the first Adam at the beginning of time.

Teilhardian Vision of the Future of Mankind

The abandonment of faith in the special creation of Adam entails a denial of “the first perfection of the universe” which St. Thomas defines as “the completeness of the world at its first founding,” with each kind of creature, perfect according to its nature, all existing together with Man and for Man in perfect harmony.  The abandonment of this fundamental doctrine has inspired a Teilhardian vision of theistic evolution from molecules to man, through trial and error, struggle for existence, mutation and natural selection, over hundreds of millions of years.  Worse still, denying the original perfection of Man and Nature before the Original Sin, the Teilhardian visionary imagines that man will now use his own intelligence and will to engineer the perfection of mankind that, in his evolutionary framework, never existed in the beginning.

In his work The Future of Mankind, Teilhard waxed ecstatic at the prospect of:

The vitalization of matter by the creation of super-molecules.  The remodeling of the human organism by means of hormones.  Control of heredity and sex by manipulation of genes and chromosomes.  The readjustment and internal liberation of our souls by direct action upon springs gradually brought to light by psychoanalysis.  The arousing and harnessing of the unfathomable intellectual and effective powers still latent in the human mass.

In the fifty years since The Future of Mankind was published, the world has indeed seen plenty of “remodeling of the human organism by means of hormones” in the form of birth control pills—resulting in the deaths of half a billion tiny children each year by conservative estimates, ten times the number of children murdered in surgical abortions. During the same period, the world has witnessed an orgy of “control of heredity and sex” not so much by the manipulation of genes as by the destruction of tens of millions of little girls (for the crime of being girls) and of children of both sexes for the crime of having some real or imagined genetic defect.  And as to the “liberation of our souls” through “psychoanalysis,” there is no doubt that the psychologist and psychiatrist have replaced the priest and confessor as the liberators of souls, offering secular humanist counseling and drugs in place of Catholic teaching and the life-giving sacraments.  Moreover, the fulfillment of Teilhard’s vision has been accomplished in large part through the work of what Pope Paul VI called that “last great hope for concord and peace,” the United Nations.

Teilhard’s Utopian Vision and the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

Today, this Teilhardian vision has received a great boost from the coronamania that has erupted since the release of the Wuhan virus in 2019.  The experimental mRNA COVID-19 vaccines now open the door to doing to humans what has already been done on a massive scale to food crops through genetic engineering.  And just as consensus science and medicine have long claimed—in flagrant contradiction to the evidence—that GMO food is harmless, so they now protest that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines pose no threat of unintended genetic modification of the human genome while the voices of dissenting scientists are silenced or ignored.  The truth is the truth, however, whether or not it is acknowledged, and those who know the truth about the serious risks associated with GMO food are paying heed to the warnings recently issued by a number of German scientists.

Peter Borger and Harald Binder from the organization Wort-und-Wissen have recently pointed out that mRNA definitely has the potential to change the DNA of those who receive mRNA COVID-19 vaccines:

According to the common opinion, which can also be heard again and again in the media, mRNA vaccines are harmless in this regard. For example, Spektrum der Wissenschaft writes: “'There is also no indication that the mRNA absorbed by the body cells after vaccination is transcribed into DNA,' writes the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute responsible for vaccine approvals.” [10] However, it cannot be completely ruled out that living beings are genetically modified through mRNA vaccines. To understand this, we have to take a closer look at the human genome (genetic material). The human genome contains around 20,000 protein-coding genes and a currently difficult to estimate number of regulatory RNA genes. Together with other regulatory sequences such as e. g. genetic switches, these genes make up about 25% of the genome. In addition, around 50% of the genome consists of sequences that can be moved flexibly in the genome (so-called transposons) and whose function and meaning we are only just beginning to know. It seems to be primarily about (epi-) genetic switching elements that control the expression (development) of genetic programs, i.e. regulate the use of genes. There are hundreds of thousands of these elements in our genome. It is important to know that each of these transposable elements codes for two enzymes: the reverse transcriptase (abbreviated RT) and the integrase (abbreviated INT). The specialty of the RT enzyme is that it can convert an RNA molecule into a DNA molecule, while the INT enzyme can incorporate this newly formed DNA molecule into the body's own DNA. This means that, fundamentally, there are  biochemical mechanisms in place to rewrite foreign RNA segments into the body's own DNA and to integrate them into the existing genetic material. This means therefore that genetic changes could also occur. This danger cannot be ruled out with the DNA vector vaccines either, since the vector viruses even smuggle the genetic material (DNA) directly into the cell nucleus and thus have the potential to change the genome (translation by Dr. Thomas H. Seiler).

How many of the evolution-believing scientists who deny the original perfection of the first-created world and in blind arrogance now subject hundreds of millions of human beings to a gigantic experiment in genetic modification believe in the bodily Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead?  And how many of them realize the absurdity of denying the special creation and original perfection of the first human beings while affirming the special re-creation of the perfect humanity of the resurrected Jesus?  Indeed, how many of them realize the utter folly of seeking to improve the human condition by tinkering with the human genome, instead of seeking to understand and to restore the original perfection of human nature as it came forth from God in the beginning?

Through the prayers of Our Lady of Sorrows, Mother of the Church, may the Holy Ghost grant us the grace to believe in His revelation of how He created the world and to cooperate with Him in restoring all things in Christ, our Creator and Redeemer.

Yours in Christ through the Immaculata in union with St. Joseph,

Hugh Owen

P.S. Our eighth annual leadership retreat will take place at the Apostolate for Family Consecration headquarters in Bloomingdale, Ohio, from August 22-28, 2021.  The retreat is open to all Catholics (and their families) who are committed to advancing the mission of the Kolbe Center in their spheres of influence.  If you would like more information about the schedule, facilities, and suggested donations for the retreat, please email me as soon as possible at

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