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Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center,

Glory to Jesus Christ!

I recently discovered that one of the first scientists to join the Kolbe Center’s advisory council, Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo, died in the spring of 2021.  As reported in the Orange County Register:

Joseph was born in Brooklyn, New York on March 13, 1927, to Anthony and Marguerita Mastropaolo. He grew up in New York, the eldest of three children, enlisted during World War II and then went on to become a fencing master in France. Joseph earned his Ph.D. in kinesiology and completed a post-Doctoral research fellowship in human physiology. He worked for the Chicago Board of Health as a research physiologist, demonstrating the correlation between high intensity physical activity and lowered total serum cholesterol. He worked as an aerospace physiologist for Douglas Aircraft Systems, and then went on to teach biomechanics and physiology at California State University, Long Beach for 26 years. He was the physiologist for the Gossamer Condor and Albatross human-powered flight projects, earning a medal in physiology from the Royal Aeronautical Society. After his retirement, he became a noted Creationist researcher. He authored two novels, For King and Glory and The Trumpet Vine. Joseph is survived by his spouse of 64 years, Therese Nowachek Mastropaolo, seven children, Marc, Paul, Maria, John, Christopher, Steven and Michael, five grandchildren, and his sister, Diana Truglio.

Dr. Joseph Mastropaolo (1927-2021)

We have requested Gregorian Masses for the repose of Joseph’s soul, but we would also like to honor his memory by recalling an example of his fiery criticism of the claims of the molecules-to-man evolution hypothesis.  For many years, Joseph offered a large cash award to any evolution-believing scientist who would go head-to-head with him before a sitting civil court judge to debate the proposition that molecules to man evolution was a sound scientific hypothesis.  The following is an excerpt from his booklet “Biology Eliminates Evolution and Confirms Genesis 1-11”:

Evolution’s Ape-men

Biology textbooks are controlled by evolutionists and instead of an original couple, Adam and Eve, that look like us, one finds examples of ape-men. One of the earliest was the “speechless” ape-man, Pithecanthropus alalus. See Figure 6. It was a forgery that mocked science because it was pure fiction that an evolutionist commissioned an artist to draw and this fiction was brazenly given a scientific name. (Grigg, 1996; Wendt, 1972)

Figure 6. The speechless ape-man forgery.

In biology textbooks from 1912 to 1952 there was another ape-man, Eoanthropus dawsoni, the dawn man discovered by Dawson. This one was concocted from a piece of human skull and the jaw of an orangutan both dyed brown with the teeth artificially abraded to simulate human flat wear. It was another forgery that mocked science. It was given a scientific name and a sculpture was made to look part chimpanzee and part human. (Walsh, 1996) See Figure 7.

Continuing the anti-science tradition of Ernst Haeckel, an artist was commissioned in 1922 to give the world, and the Scopes trial, a rendering of Hesperopithecus harold cookii, the western ape-man discovered by Harold Cook. The model was a single tooth, which was neither human nor ape nor a mosaic of human and ape-like features. It was the tooth of an extinct pig. Note the level of talent shown by the artist, for not only is the nonexistent ape-man shown but also his wife and the primitive flora and fauna. Here is still another example of brazen evolutionist anti-science. See Figure 8. (Hitching, 1982)

Figure 7. The “dawn ape-man,” the Piltdown forgery of 1912-1952. Evolution anti-science # 6.
Figure 8. The Nebraska ape-man forgery. Evolution anti-science # 7.

In 1906, a live “missing link” “ape-man” was exhibited to 40,000 spectators per day at the Bronx Zoo. This was the African pygmy, Ota Benga. When the religious leaders objected, they were silenced by the New York Times with, “evolution is now taught in the textbooks of all schools” and Ota Benga was “scarcely more than apes or monkey.” And to head off any refutation of evolution, the New York Times proclaimed that evolution “is no more debatable than the multiplication table.” The family of this noble human being were murdered when he was taken prisoner and brought to the United States of America. Ota was abandoned when no more money could be made with him and he subsequently committed suicide because he was unable to earn return passage to his homeland. (Bradford, 1992) No one was ever punished for these crimes against humanity. See Figure 9.

Figure 9. The “missing link ape-man,” African pygmy, Ota Benga. Evolution anti-science # 8.

Scientific Studies on “Ape-men”

Oxnard did complex multivariate statistical analyses on fossil bones. This multi-dimensional method on the measurements of many fossils employed rotations by means of matrix algebra and a computer and found the opposite of what the biology textbooks represent. Man is not related to any other kind of life form. Evolution is based only on similarities and this objective, valid, reliable, calibrated study found conclusive dissimilarities. The textbooks require the student to believe on faith the exact opposite of what science indicates and this science is never brought to any student’s attention. Oxnard found, “Nor, however, can man be described as a mosaic of other forms. In almost all studies man lies quite separately from the spectra of non-human species . . . ” None of the biology textbooks let the student see the Oxnard reference. That censorship is the antithesis of science and education. Once again, the scientific evidence convicts the evolutionists and their biology textbooks of anti-science, of purposeful deception. (Oxnard, 1975)

More recently, a study was done on an alleged fossil bone and on the bones found in anatomical atlases. The occasion was a 2001 cover story in Time magazine, based on an article in Nature, claiming that a fossil toe bone, supposedly 5.2 million years old, proved that it belonged to an ape-man, Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba, that walked upright. The author, Haile-Salassie, claimed the bone had a mosaic of human and chimpanzee characteristics. On the cover of Time was a chimpanzee-like ape-man with blue eyes – all concocted from one toe bone. (Haile-Salassie, 2001) This was strange because Oxnard found no similarity between human and chimpanzee bones. I did a scientific correlational analysis of that toe bone and came to 12 conclusions based on the objective mathematical correlational evidence: (1) the fossil bone had some similarity to human bone, (2) the fossil bone had dissimilarity to monkey (baboon) bone, (3) the fossil bone had most dissimilarity to ape (chimpanzee) bone, (4) if the nearly infinite transmutations of evolution in defiance of the laws of physics could occur, then the fossil bone could not be ancestral to baboons, (5) if the nearly infinite transmutations of evolution in defiance of the laws of physics could occur, then the fossil bone could not be ancestral to chimpanzees, (6) baboon and chimpanzee bones were similar, (7) baboon and human bones were dissimilar, (8) most dissimilar were chimpanzee and human bones, (9) therefore, this invented ape-man, Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba, is a fraud because it bore similarity only to human bone. It had no mosaic similarities to monkey bone and surely not to chimpanzee bone. (10) The only bones with mosaic characteristics were monkey and chimpanzee bones and their similarities were to each other, not to human bone. (11) Time magazine and the journal, Nature, promoted this fraud so similar in imagined artistic appearance to the Piltdown forgery of 1912-1952. (12) Therefore, Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba of 2001 is a forgery in the evolutionist tradition of imaginative art given a fictitious scientific name thereby mocking and polluting biology.

Here we have another objective, valid, reliable, and calibrated scientific study and it confirms the Oxnard study. Both studies conclude the exact opposite of the letter to the editor of Nature, which letters are not peer reviewed, and the exact opposite of the cover story of Time magazine. The scientific evidence is the exact opposite of what the biology textbooks teach in their evolution chapters. (Johnson, 1998; Miller and Levine, 2000; Hickman et al., 2001) The ape-man concept evidently is based on consistent, brazen anti-science and magazines and journals like Time and Nature apparently collaborate with that anti-science. (Mastropaolo, 2002) See Figure 10.

Figure 10. The Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba forgery

On the basis of the only objective, valid, reliable, calibrated studies, which any scientist may verify, all so-called ape-men are frauds or forgeries. (Oxnard, 1975; Mastropaolo, 2002) To date, no contrary evidence has overturned these scientific (objective, valid, reliable, calibrated) studies. Therefore, the ape-man alternative to Adam and Eve is based on the anti-science of frauds and forgeries whereas the Adam and Eve of Genesis are based on sound biological science.

Analysis of the Biosphere

According to Genesis, God made Adam, Eve and the biosphere brand-new. According to the laws of physics suggested in Genesis, everything degrades toward its constituent elements. Along that downward path, morbidity, mortality and extinction would be expected and that is what is observed. Contrarily, evolution projects in exactly the opposite direction. Evolution begins with the elements, builds itself into a living cell, then into everything that ever lived with the selected ones going onward and upward forever. None of this has ever been observed so it must be believed by a religious faith although it claims to be science. Strangely, Genesis claims to be religion yet may be observed like science. The Genesis arrow, like the science arrow, points downward from brand-new and ends in the elements. Contrarily, the evolution arrow points upward from the elements toward an ever-new brand-new life form forever. Evolution claims to be science, yet cannot be observed, has no experiments, is reality inverted, and must be believed like the monolithic state supported religion of the public schools, which violates Amendment I of the Constitution of the United States of America.

As you can see, Brother Joseph pulled no punches when he entered the ring with his evolution-believing fellow scientists.  Let us ask God to raise up more scientists like Joseph who fearlessly seek, proclaim and defend the Truth!

Yours in Christ through the Immaculata in union with St. Joseph,

Hugh Owen

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