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Advisory Council - Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation
(Last Revision: December 6, 2019)

Advisor name


Graduate degrees



Bishop Roman Danylak

Past Apostolic Administrator of Eparchy of Toronto

Pontifical Urban University, S.T.L.

Pont. Lateran Univ. J.U.D.

Philosophy, Theology,

Church History, Canon and Civil Law,

Sacred Scriptures

Rev. Victor P. Warkulwiz

Theological Reviewer

National Director, Apostolate for Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration

Ph.D., Physics, Temple Univ.

M.Div., Mount Saint Mary's Seminary

M.A. in Theology, Holy Apostles Seminary

Physics, Mathematics, Theology,


Natural Sciences, Philosophy

Rev. James Anderson

Philosopher/ Theologian

JD, Law

Univ. of CA

STB, Theology

Angelicum, Rome

Ph.D., Phil. Georgetown U., Wash., D.C.,

Philosophy, Law, Naval Science, Theology, Medical Ethics

former US Navy officer

Pamela Acker

BS in Biology from Southeast Missouri State University; MS in Biology from The Catholic University of America.

Robert Auten

Clinical Laboratory Scientist

BA in Biology from CSULB Cal St Univ. Long Beach 1974 Magna Cum Laude and 1 yr post grad work in Medical Microbiology at CSULB and 1 year of clinical internship at St. John's Health Center Santa Monica, CA.

Robert Auten has been a CA licensed Clinical Laboratory Scientist since 1977. He has worked in all areas of the clinical lab including supervising Hematology for 1 year and 27 years as supervisor of the Transfusion Medicine / Blood Bank at CVHP Intercommunity Hospital in Covina CA.

He has an MA in Theology and Biblical Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA. 1987 where he was on the president's honor role. In the 1980's he founded and pastored a Calvary Chapel fellowship in Payson, AZ, and taught for a year in the Calvary Chapel Bible School in Twin Peaks CA.

...He was received into the Catholic Church on the Easter Vigil in 1999. He completed the Marian Catechist consecration shortly before Fr. John Hardon S.J. passed away in the year 2000 and he has been continuously active, primarily at the parish level, in catechetics ever since. He is very involved in teaching at Catholic Men's Fellowship; the Adult Bible Study and the Legion of Mary at St. Louise de Marillac Church in Covina, CA. and in prison ministry at Ca Institute for Men at Chino Prison. He has just completed a book titled Saint Joseph: The Forgotten Father of the Church.

Robert Bennett

Software Architect

Ph.D., Physics, Stevens Tech

Physics, Automata, AI

Thesis on General Relativity

Eric D. Bermingham

Senior Engineer


Aeronautical and Astronautical Eng., Univ. of Illinois

Aerodynamics, Aircraft and Turbine Engine Performance, Computational Fluid Dynamics,

Noah's Ark,

The Flood,

Ancient History,

Computational Analysis of Dove Aerodynamics

Demonstrated evidence of Noah's Flood will overturn Evolution and the attendant heretical, Modernist mindset currently infecting both the Church and the world.

Robin Bernhoft



Washington University

Biology, C/E History

C/E history discussed on radio show

Guy Berthault


Graduate Ecole Polytechnique, France

Lynne Bissonette-Pitre


Ph.D., Neurophysiology
John Hopkins University

Dwite Brown

Retired Professor of Computer Science

Master of Divinity, Systematic and Philosophical Theology,

GTU Berkeley

Sal Ciresi

Director, St. Jerome Biblical Guild

M.A., Theology

Gregory Clovis

Director, Family Life International, UK

BSc, University of London, Software Engineering

Linus Clovis

Ph. D, Mathematics; London University; licentiate in Canon Law (JCL) from Urbaniana University in Rome; STB from Angelicum in Rome.

Eugene Conti


M.S.Marine Science, C.W. Post College of Long Island University

M.D., Autonomous University of Guadalajara

Markus Deju

Doctor of Natural Science,
Vienna University, Vienna (Austria)

Licenciatura in Biological Science, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, CHILE

Rachel Dilly

Project Manager

B.S., Geological Engineering, University of Rolla

Expert in Geological and Environmental Site Investigations

Co-Founder, Pregnancy Resource Center, Rolla, Missouri

Mark Eschmann

B.S. Applied Mathematics, Univ of Tulsa

M.S. Applied Mathematics, Univ of Tulsa

Ph.D. Statistics, Baylor University

Timothy Fahrenholz


B.S., Hobart College

M.S., Medicinal Chemistry

Ph.D., Analytical Chemistry

Major Fecteau

U.S. Army, Electro-optics and Radiation Measurement

M.S., Physics, University of Michigan

Christopher Feigenbutz


J.D., Widener University School of Law,  cum laude (2010)

Mount Saint Mary's University in Emmitsburg, MD
B.S. in Biology and minors in Chemistry and Theology (2003)

Licensed to practice law in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and before the US Patent and Trademark Office

Out of college he taught high school biology, anatomy, and chemistry for 9 years at a private Catholic high school. He then worked at an intellectual property law firm for about 4 years, and for the last several years has worked as a patent/trademark attorney and as a government contractor examining international patent applications in the area of biotechnology.

Carol Fontana

Mechanical Engineer

B.S., M.S., Mechanical Engineering

Worked for thirteen years at Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Home-school Mother; part-time Physics teachers

Maciej Giertych


Member of
the European Parliament

M.A., Oxford Univ., Forestry

Ph.D., Univ. of Toronto,

Tree Physiology
Dr. habil(~DSc), Poznan Agricultural Acad, Tree genetics

Tree physiology, Genetics - esp. of populations,
Political science, Civilizations,

Pro-life topics

C. Brad Grinstead

Georgia Southern University, Dept. of Biology

BS Biology (2002)

MS Biology (emphasis Parasitology) (2004)

Thomas Hickey

Diocesan Priest

M.A. Theology

Hannah Holden

Zoo Science, Friends University, Wichita KS

Working towards:

M.S. Biological Sciences, Wichita State University, Wichita KS

Research into
ardeids; raising egrets

Josef Holzschuh

Ph.D. Geophysics

Terrence Hughes

M.S. and Ph.D. in Materials Science, Northwestern University

Dr. Hughes has published scores of papers in major scientific journals and two books dealing with glaciation and climate change over a span of 40 years. Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering at Ohio State from 1968 to 1974. From 1974 to 2010:
Associate Professor (6 years) and then Full Professor in the Department of Earth Sciences and Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine. Since 2010:
Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change at the University of Maine.

Mary Dougherty Janetatos

Master's, Theology Notre Dame

Pontifical Catechetical Institute

Gerard Keane

Creation author and researcher

Amateur Catholic popularizer of Special Creation to Catholics,


Origins research

Dean Kenyon

Ph.D., Biophysics

Rev. George Kosicki, C.S.B

Ph.D., Biochemistry

Gorret Kugonza


B.A., Education, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

M.A., Human Rights, Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

Diploma in Counseling, Uganda Martyrs University

Gorret and some members of her family founded a community-based pro-life organization, Rwenzori Prolife and Childcare Foundation (PROCAF). Gorret commits a lot of time to doing pro-life work, establishing pro-life clubs in schools, universities, and colleges, visiting parishes to conduct conferences for couples and to train them in natural family planning...

...also visiting seminaries, nursing schools in our region, and visiting radio stations and broadcasting pro-life messages to young people.  Gorret started an apprenticeship program to help girls who are pregnant outside of wedlock or who have dropped out of school after giving birth to their  babies. The skills the girls acquire help them and their babies to begin a new life.

Joseph Magner

Ph.D. Hydrology

Kevin Mark


President, Southwest Manitoba Pro-life

DMD, University of Manitoba

Dentistry, pro-life topics, evolution/creation

Joseph Mastropaolo

Prof. Emeritus, California State University

Adjunct Prof. of Physiology,
Institute for Creation Research

M.S., Kinesiology
Univ. of Illinois

Ph.D., Kinesiology,

Univ.of Iowa

Post-Doc Research, Human Physiology,

Univ.of Chicago Medical School

Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Physiology, Epidemiology,
Origin of the biosphere,
History and biology of evolution

Evolution Is Lethal Antiscience.
Research Society Quarterly 38: 151-158, 2001

Thomas McFadden

Procurement Analyst,

National Institutes for Health

Masters, Engineering Administration,

George Washington


Catholic apologetics, Evolution-creation science conflicts, Evolution's importance to the secular humanist social and political agenda

Martin McManus

BA (Sociology & Ancient Classics), MSc (Psych), Adv. Dip (CBT)

Hugh R. Miller

Senior Research Chemist

Battelle Columbus (OH) Laboratories

OSU graduate courses:
Nuclear physics, Radiochemistry,
Spectroscopic analysis,

Electrochemical/ radioactivation analysis research

Electrochemical and coatings,

Technical writing, Radiometric
dating - esp. C14,


Sedimentology, Ichnology, Paleontology

Research for 18 years in Electrochem. Eng. Div.; 19 years as a Midwest dist. mgr. of CP Chem. and three years in C-14 lab sample pretreatment activities.

John H. Miller, C.S.C., S.T.D

Editor of

Doctorate in Sacred Theology and Social Justice


Anthony Nevard

Editor of
Daylight Magazine
and Secretary of
Daylight Origins Society

BSc. Chemistry and Zoology

Science Education, author and public speaker on origins

been published
since 1991.

Richard J. Neves

Professor of Fisheries,

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

B.S., Zoology University of Rhode Island (1968)

M.S., Zoology University of Maine (1973)

Ph.D., Fisheries University of Massachusetts (1977)

freshwater malacology; endangered species management.

Florence Nyahwa

SM Nyahwa Foundation

Ph.D., Plant Pathology/ Microbiology

Post Doctorate: Post graduate diploma in Seed Pathology from KLV University, Copenhagen, Denmark

Rev. John Obasi

Biomedical Ethics

Jean de Pontcharra

Research Group Head,
CEA-LETI (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Laboratoire d'Electronique et de Technologie de l'Informatique), Retired

Doctorate in Solid State Physics, University of Grenoble, France

Microelectronics, CMOS technology

Radiometric Dating methods.

Shroud of Turin

Michael Randolph


Information Management Marymount University
B.S. Philosophy University of Idaho
A.A.S. Data Processing Northern Virginia Community College

Edward A. Razz

Principal Engineer, Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Mechanical Engineering,
Union College

Fluid mechanics,
Heat transfer,
Two-phase flow modeling,

Catholic Apologetics

Patrick Redmond

Retired Professor of History and Archaeology; IBM, Data Analyst, Genographic Project

PhD , History, School of Oriental and African Affairs, University of London, London, UK

Genographic Project

Terrence J. Riesch,

D.D. S.

Oral Surgeon

B.S., University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, 1987

D.D.S., Marquette University School of Dentistry, 1991

Completed a General Practice Residency at Meriter Hospital June 1992

Completed an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Residency at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine June 1996


Andrew Schmirmer

Prof. of Applied Mathematics, Milwaukee Schl. of Engineering

B.S., St. Norbert’s, Mathematics

M.A., Education, Marquette U.

Pro-life activist

Thomas P. Schuman

Assistant Prof,

Department of Chemistry, University of Missouri-Rolla

M.S., Chemistry

Ph.D., Materials Science,

Univ. of Alabama in Huntsville

Original sin,

Origin of man and agriculture,

Chemistry and materials training

Josef Seifert

Professor and Rector, International Acad. of Philosophy,


Ph.D., Dr. phil., Univ. of Salzburg


Dr. Phil. habil.,

Univ. of Munich

Psychology, History of art,


Philosophy of man

Byron R. Sever

Ph.D., Physics, U. of Illinois

Randy J. Sronce

B.S.  Chemistry

University of Texas
at Tyler

Studied for a summer at ETH Zürich; specialized in
nanochemistry and organic mechanisms; pursuing a Doctorate at Texas A&M beginning in the fall of 2018.

Joseph Strada


Aerospace Engineering

Robert A. Sungenis


Catholic Apologetics International

M.A., Theology, Westminster Theological Seminary

Ph.D. cand.,

Maryvale, U.K.


Biblical Exegesis, Biblical Chronology, Science,

Relativity, Cosmogony, Cosmology, Astronomy

Michael Robert Surrey

Bachelor of Science, zoology, 1977, University of Auckland

Certificate of Proficiency, microbiology, 1986, Grade A, University of Otago

Postgraduate Diploma in Science with credit (=Hons 1), biotechnology, 1988, University of Otago

Consulting, research and development in biology, microbiology and biological pest control.

Dominique Tassot

President of CEP,

Centre d'études et de prospective sur la science

Ph.D., Philosophy

Graduate Ecole des Mines de Paris

Philosophy Russian and Chinese culture


Mr. Wim Vanraes

Masters in Archaeology at the State University of Ghent, Belgium. Graduated summer 2004.

Final thesis: “Belgian Radiocarbon Dates: General Processing and Analysis of the Late Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Periods”.

Undergrad in Archaeology, European and Middle Eastern History and Science of Arts at Ghent University.


Tom West, Jr


Applied Systems Research, Inc.

M.A., Theology, Christendom College

M.S., Eng., George Wash. Univ.

M.S., Management, Wright State Univ




Peter Wilders

Video Producer

Narrator of Evolution: Fact or Belief

Michael Zaccaria

M.S., Mechanical Engineering

M.S., Materials Engineering

Ph.D., Aerospace Engineering

M.S., Computer Science




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