England Waives the Rules


by Michael Fishwick

England used to be known for ruling the waves. Now it seems that it is about to start waiving the rules!

For three decades great battles have been fought in courtrooms across America about whether or not teaching the science of Creation, and more lately Intelligent Design, should be allowed in science classrooms. The controversy in America has been relayed in news headlines internationally. So far, Humanism has generally laid down and enforced the rules throughout the Western world, to the detriment of the truth of Creation.

But now, quietly, and without fanfare, it appears that those unjustly imposed rules are about to be waived, to some small extent, in England.

Schools in England choose the curriculum that they are to follow from one of three main Examination Boards. 'The Times' (London) revealed on March 10th, 2006 that one of these Exam Boards - OCR - is going to encourage "schools to consider alternative views to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution." The OCR Board (Oxford, Cambridge and Royal Society of Arts) was created in 1998 from the amalgamation of three previous Exam Boards.,,591-2078747,00.html

A representative of OCR stated:

"Candidates need to understand the social and historical context to scientific ideas both pre and post Darwin. Candidates are asked to discuss why the opponents of Darwinism thought the way they did and how scientific controversies can arise from different ways of interpreting empirical evidence."

According to a BBC report, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, a government linked group that creates guidelines for the National Curriculum, had previously allowed discussion of Creation Science and Intelligent Design to take place in science classrooms. So far, only three state run schools are known to have taken advantage of this guideline as policy. Now that a major Examination Board has added critical analysis, and comparison of Darwinism with other widely held views, to their curriculum, schools will have no choice but to teach critically, or use another Exam Board. It is widely believed, though, that a much larger number of religiously orientated privately run schools do teach, if not always Creation Science, at least opposition to the philosophy of evolution. Unfortunately, not many of them are Catholic, or even Christian in a broader sense. Perhaps this is one, amongst many, reasons why the home-schooling movement is growing quickly in Britain.

It is the enormous number of Muslims residing in Britain who seem most determined to oppose the false science and philosophy of evolution in school. Catholic schools generally follow the lead of the Bishops of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in rejecting the literal and historical truths not just of Genesis, but of the entirety of Holy Scripture!

Nevertheless, a recent poll conducted by the BBC amongst a sample group of two thousand people showed that, even with all the many decades of officially sanctioned evolutionary propaganda being fed to Britons morning, noon and night, a large number still appear to reject the fairy tale of macro-evolution.

Such a surprising result, in a de-Christianized country, is echoed by an article in another British newspaper, 'The Guardian. It relates that a growing number of college and university students are rejecting evolution in favor of Creation. On some campuses they are, apparently, becoming a majority. The article predicts that the next generation of doctors and scientists in Britain will be full of Creationists!,,1714171,00.html

All of this is naturally very good news for the Kolbe Center and allied groups and supporters. It still remains to be seen how deep the critical appraisal of Darwinism will become, and how accurate the portrayal of the science of Creation will be. But it does provide a wonderful opportunity to present the empirical research of Catholic, and other, Creation Scientists to the up and coming generations of British scientific and medical professionals and opinion formers.

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