Debate Challenge

The Kolbe Center offers to debate the following proposition anywhere in the world:

Be it resolved that special creation--the creation by divine fiat of all of the different kinds of creatures for man less than ten thousand years ago--is a better explanation of the facts of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, authoritative magisterial teaching and natural science than theistic evolution--the thesis that God used hundreds of millions of years of evolutionary processes to evolve the bodies of the first human beings.

The only requirements are these:

Both sides in the debate will provide two speakers, one to focus on natural science arguments, the other to focus on theological arguments. The debate will be held in a venue and with a moderator acceptable to both parties. Both sides will be granted equal time to state their arguments and to critique the arguments of their opponents. The expenses of the Kolbe representatives will be covered by the debate sponsors. The exact wording of the proposition to be debated may be amended with the agreement of all of the parties.

For more information or to schedule a debate, please contact: Hugh Owen, Director, Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, 952 Kelly Rd., Mt. Jackson, VA 22842 (540) 856-8453

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