How to Organize a Seminar

Kolbe seminars can be tailored to any audience and to whatever degree of depth is appropriate.  Normally, on a first visit to a parish, school, or university, two speakers give at least a two and a half to three hour introduction to the origins debate from a Catholic perspective, one speaker focusing on the theological arguments and the other on the natural science arguments.  Some introductory seminars go into more depth by beginning on a Friday evening and continuing on a Saturday morning until lunch time.  Seminars generally set forth the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation, then describe the challenge that was brought against that doctrine from natural scientists outside of the Catholic Church in the nineteenth century; then show how twenty-first century natural science has refuted the challenge mounted against the traditional doctrine of creation, and, finally, why it is imperative that Catholics restore and defend the traditional doctrine of creation to transform the culture of death into a culture of life.  Individual speakers can also give shorter presentations on particular topics, including "Evolution and the Culture of Death," "The Negative Impact of Faith in the Evolutionary Hypothesis on Scientific Research," and "Evidence for Dinosaur and Human Co-Existence."

To read a sampling of recommendations from priests and lay leaders who have sponsored Kolbe seminars, click here. For information about Kolbe's standing offer to debate with theistic evolutionists anywhere in the world, see our home page.   Here is a recent seminar in Dublin:

As far as expenses are concerned, all that the Kolbe Center asks is that speakers' travel expenses be covered, that a collection be taken up for the Center, and, if the event is organized by a university, school, parish or lay association, that the pastor or leader of the sponsoring organization also make a donation, if possible.  It is Kolbe's common practice not to have speakers stay in hotels, unless absolutely necessary, but rather to stay in rectories or with Catholic families.

If you are interested in organizing a Kolbe Seminar, please contact us using the form below:

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