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Special Creation Rediscovered

Special Creation Rediscovered – Catholicism and the Origins Debate
by Gerard J. Keane
Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, 2004, 96 pages
Available from Kolbe Center ($6 plus S&H)






Gerry Keane is an advisory board member of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation. He has been involved with the movement to defend the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation for many years. Special Creation Rediscovered is somewhat of a condensed version of his Creation Rediscovered.

Gerry starts off by showing how important the Origins debate is in society and in the life of the Church. What we believe about God has much to do with what we believe about creation and vice-versa. The more one believes in a materialistic origin of the universe, the less one believes in a loving Creator.

The teachings of the Catholic Church concerning origins are detailed from a biblical and theological point of view. Various papal and conciliar documents are quoted to show the consistent doctrine of the Church on this point.

Gerry shows how the theory of Evolution depends heavily on the idea of long ages to support the concept of small changes over time. He also illustrates how churchmen have attempted to read these contrived long ages into the clearly short history of Genesis in order to give the appearance that faith and Evolution are compatible. Unfortunately, by bringing a godless and scientifically unsupported system of thought into the Church, untold damage has been done to the Faith. He also shows how Evolution has greatly contributed to the philosophies of Communism, Nazism, Humanism, Existentialism, and the New Age movement.

Special Creation Rediscovered – Catholicism and the Origins Debate, is an excellent introduction to the topic of Origins in the Catholic Church. If there were only one book on creation that you could read in this year of Darwin, this would be the one to pick.

Reviewed by Eric Bermingham
February, 2009

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