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Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center,

Pax Christi!

I would like to share an experience that one of our members had recently when he tried to place an advertisement for the "Foundations Restored" DVD series in a diocesan newspaper. After offering to pay about $250 for a quarter-page advertisement, he was told that the DVD series wasn't something that the newspaper would advertise. He responded by giving the advertising editor some of the recommendations the DVD series has received from Bishops and theologians all over the world, including the Bishop of Lira, Uganda, who gave the imprimatur to the Teacher's Guide for "Foundations Restored." When this, too, had no effect, I recommended that he send the editor a recommendation from another African Bishop, who had praised "Foundations Restored" in these words:

The presenters defend the traditional and authentic teachings on creation not by using their personal opinions, but by ably quoting from what has been preserved through centuries from the Church's Magisterium and Holy Scripture. The presentation demonstrates how fervently and uninterruptedly the Church's Magisterium has preserved the authentic doctrine of Creation while submitting to the superior and infallible deposit of Scripture.

I have no reason whatsoever to doubt the truths presented in this video series as regards our origins. It is not only ridiculous, but also nonsensical to imagine that the powerful species of humankind with all its intelligence could have evolved through some kind of "Special Transformism," as this kind of thinking does a lot of injustice to the grandeur of the human person. It is only by acknowledging the fact that we were directly and immediately created by God, that we can preserve the sacredness of our human species who reflect the image of the Creator.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Eciru Oliach
Bishop of Soroti Catholic Diocese
Soroti, Uganda

I suggested that my friend add the following statement:

Here is another testimony from a black African Bishop of the Catholic Church praising the DVD series "Foundations Restored" for defending the only firm basis on which to eradicate racism.

Is an imprimatur from a black African Bishop insufficient to guarantee that a DVD series which exposes the roots of the worst forms of modern-day racism (and provides the antidote) is acceptable for paid advertising?

On what grounds are you refusing to accept paid advertising for this DVD series?

I would ask for your prayers that the editors of this diocesan newspaper will stop trying to censor the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation - and I would encourage you to try to place advertisements for "Foundations Restored" in your own diocesan newspapers, if you are inspired to do so.

The Only Reliable Cure for Racism:
The Special Creation of Adam and Eve

It is particularly ironic that diocesan newspaper editors who support obsequious compliance with unconstitutional restrictions on Catholic worship - and who express sympathy for public demonstrations against racism that violate those restrictions - would refuse paid advertising for a DVD series that offers the only reliable cure for racism: the special creation of Adam and Eve. In the words of Bishop Oliach, quoted above, "It is only by acknowledging the fact that we were directly and immediately created by God, that we can preserve the sacredness of our human species who reflect the image of the Creator." Every program to eradicate racism on some other foundation ends up replacing one form of racism or prejudice with another. And this is especially true of all evolution-based efforts to eradicate racism.

One of the most unforgettable sections of the DVD series "Foundations Restored" is its exposure of the link between evolution and eugenics and the global anti-culture of death. One of our advisory council members, Carol Fontana, has written an excellent pamphlet documenting this link, which is now available on our website. It is especially suitable for handing out in front of abortion mills, to alert women - especially black and Latino women - to the way that they are being exploited by the evolution-based, eugenics-driven abortion industry.

Among the many shocking statistics set forth in the pamphlet are the following facts which explode the myth that "abortion on demand" represents a step forward for women - and for black and Latino women in particular:

In 1939, [Planned Parenthood founder Margaret] Sanger initiated the "Negro Project," an effort to promote birth control in poor, southern black communities.

In 2016 in the US, 3.5 times more black women had abortions than white women.

79% of Planned Parenthood's surgical abortion facilities are located in or within walking distance of predominately African-American and Latino neighborhoods.

160 million female babies have been selectively aborted in Asia.

Margaret Sanger, 1916

The author then ends by exposing "the root cause" of the abortion holocaust:

The 'science' of eugenics flourished because of the acceptance of Darwin's Theory of Evolution, which teaches that humans are just another 'animal' on the long path of evolutionary progress.

"All animal species, including humans, have adapted and improved from a lower form to a higher form. It should be obvious that certain human traits ... are superior to others. ... it is, at the very least, incumbent upon society to see to it that humans with certain traits do not reproduce."

"Eugenics is the moral, philosophical, and logical application of Darwin's theory of evolution to human beings - the purposeful breeding of the human race".

"Contemporary advocates for birth control exhibit no awareness whatsoever that birth control was always conceived in the context of 'eliminating the unfit,' i.e., eugenics. Eugenics, in turn, was considered a straight-forward logical extension of Darwinism."

Eugenics' founder, Francis Galton, was greatly influenced by his older cousin, Charles Darwin, and Galton's successor was Leonard Darwin (Charles' son).

Darwin (in Descent of Man, chapter 5) wrote that the smallpox vaccine had regrettably allowed weak human beings to survive, and "excepting in the case of man himself, hardly any one is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed."....

Ironically, Darwinists saw eugenics as the humane solution.... Rather than exterminate the weak, they reasoned that it would be better to take control of evolution and prevent the weak...."

"... Darwin's theory profoundly altered our view of human beings. If we're just animals without transcendent souls and without transcendent worth, there's no reason why we shouldn't be bred like animals, especially if it's for our own good."

Return to a Culture of Life

How can we truly trust in God's Providence, if we falsely believe that we can improve mankind by assisting the 'fittest' in winning the evolutionary 'battles for survival'?

How can abortion be eradicated if we do not truly believe that human life is special?

How can we convince a woman ('superior' person) that she doesn't have the right to abort her unborn baby ('inferior' person), if we do not truly believe that all humans are equal in dignity in the eyes of God?

WE CAN'T! To truly return to a Culture of Life, we must stop thinking like Darwin! Darwin was wrong!

Evolution is not, has not, and never can be scientifically proven. This atheistic theory is scientifically untenable, not officially endorsed by the Catholic Church, and contrary to Sacred Scripture. (

Do not blindly accept the theory of evolution!

Be skeptical, dare to ask questions, dare to doubt! (

And you too will realize that the theory of evolution is not based upon sound science, but on faulty philosophy.

Discover the truth about our origins: Return to God and His Sacred Word to once again recognize that all human life is sacred, and that all people are equal in dignity in the eyes of God.

St. Paul tells us to "have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness: but rather reprove them" (Ephesians 5:11). Let us use the DVD series "Foundations Restored" and the pamphlets and other materials on the Kolbe website to spread "the light" and to "reprove" the "works of darkness"!

Yours in Christ through the Immaculata in union with St. Joseph,

Hugh Owen

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