Kolbe Report 4-18-20

Dear Friends of the Kolbe Center,

Christ is risen! Alleluia!

It has been my privilege for twenty years to hear from Catholics all over the world who have shared their varied testimonies of conversion from an evolutionary worldview to the traditional Catholic doctrine of creation. I have been deeply impressed by the number of witnesses who received a grace of illumination from Our Lord and the Blessed Mother which enabled them to see the truth of the traditional doctrine of creation in an instant, without going through any kind of reasoning process.

But how does one reach a person - like almost all of us who have grown up in the Western world - who has been brainwashed from birth into an unquestioning belief in molecules to man evolution over billions of years?

This has been one of the greatest challenges we have faced during the last twenty years, but I am happy to report that John Wynne has just written a book that successfully meets this challenge. It is called The Fall of Darwin's Last Iconand it is the fruit of decades of research, writing, and dialogue on the part of John and his colleagues at the Kolbe Center and in other organizations that have been involved in the struggle between an evolution-based worldview and a creation-based worldview.

In a style that strikes a perfect balance between a scholarly and a journalistic form of presentation, John skillfully challenges his readers - especially the skeptical ones - to open their minds to the possibility that the framework within which they have been conditioned to look at the world might not correspond to reality. This is probably the greatest strength of the book, but it is only the beginning. Having persuaded his reader to open his mind to the possibility that his framework might be wrong, John proceeds to reveal the history of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative from its dark beginnings in the demonically inspired dreams of Rene' Descartes to its fruition in the Brave New World of a society shaped from top to bottom by a godless anti-supernaturalism.

After relating the history of the rise of the Cartesian-Darwinian Narrative, the Fall of Darwin's Last Icon administers the coup de grace by exposing the utter bankruptcy of the hypothesis of human evolution. Having exposed the lack of any sound empirical evidence to support the naturalistic myth of human origins, John does not rest his case. Instead, he seizes the opportunity to offer a hard-hitting apologetic for Catholic Christianity, demonstrating the uniqueness of Our Lord Jesus Christ, describing His detailed fulfillment of hundreds of Old Testament prophecies, finally, leading the reader to recognize the reasonableness of the Christian Faith and inviting him to surrender his life to Christ.

Please consider purchasing John Wynne's new book and helping us to spread it far and wide. Through the prayers of the Mother of God and of all the Saints, may The Fall of Darwin's Last Icon awaken many souls from their blind allegiance to a naturalistic myth, so that they can repent, convert and receive the infinite Divine Mercy of the Risen Lord Jesus who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Yours in Christ through the Immaculata in union with St. Joseph,

Hugh Owen

P.S. If you go to and read the unsolicited comments, you will see the great impact that the DVD series is having on souls all over the world. With the Coronavirus restrictions on public meetings and liturgical services, now is a perfect time to encourage friends, family, and other Catholics to watch the DVD series. If finances are a problem for any of your contacts, please encourage them to contact me and we will be glad to make the series available to them for whatever part of the suggested donation they can afford.

P.P.S. At you can download a beautiful handout that summarizes the entire DVD series. Please consider downloading the flyer and printing and distributing a few copies to place in churches (with permission) or to give to family, friends, and acquaintances who might be open to at least viewing the first two episodes.

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