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Genetic Entropy Recorded in the Bible?

Genetic Entropy Recorded in the Bible?

By Dr. John Sanford, Jim Pamplin & Christopher Rupe

FMS Foundation, All Rights Reserved, 2014

Did Noah Live to 950 Years Old? Is Man Degenerating Due to Mutations?

There is growing scientific evidence that the human genome is rapidly degenerating due to mutation accumulation (the term “genome” means all of a person’s genes combined). This is supported by papers by several world-famous population geneticists. The fact that humanity is genetically degenerating due to mutation accumulation amounts to “evolution going backwards”, and is the anti-thesis of Darwinian thought. Remarkably, such degeneration is very consistent with the Bible. In many places, the Bible indicates that we are dying people in a dying world, and that creation itself is wearing out. The most obvious outward evidences for genetic degeneration are aging, death, and shortened average lifespans. The degeneration of man is explicitly recorded in the words of Jacob, who said to the Pharaoh “I have traveled this earth for 130 hard years. But my life has been short compared to the lives of my ancestors.” (Genesis 47:9, NLT). The extreme longevity of the early patriarchs is very well documented in Genesis, Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua. The Bible records the age of death of the first 25 Patriarchs in the lineage that goes from Adam to Moses. All of these early Patriarchs lived to be extremely old.

We do not normally think of the Bible as a source of scientific data. However, the recorded ages of the Patriarchs do in fact constitute real data, which can be analyzed scientifically. The results are fascinating, and have incredible implications. Here we show an analysis that demonstrates an exponential decline in the lifespan of the Patriarchs. The Biblical data when plotted over generation time, follows a mathematically precise formula that powerfully reveals the trustworthiness of the Bible!

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