Evolution in Action – Part 2


Evolution in Action - Part 2
by Michael Fishwick

Shortly after our news commentary, 'Evolution in Action', had been sent for editing, the cold, callous, evolutionary mindset condemned in that article had the spotlight turned on it by amateur scientist Forrest Mims III. Mr. Mims, who is General Editor of 'The Citizen Scientist', had attended a meeting at the Texas Academy of Science and was shocked to hear the eminent evolutionary conservationist who was being honored at the meeting, give a speech where he reportedly looked forward to more than 5 billion people, ninety percent of the world's population, being exterminated. Mr. Mims was further outraged when, at the close of the speech, several hundred of the Academy members present gave the speaker a standing ovation. The speaker had been honored by the Academy as its 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist. The speech, given by Dr. Eric R. Pianka - who has already been nicknamed 'Dr. Death' - is quickly gaining headlines, and causing revulsion, around the world.

Hardline evolutionists have really shot themselves in the foot this time. They have allowed the scientific mask to slip, revealing the true horrors that logically proceed from their materialist or new age philosophies. Most people who believe in evolution, whether scientists or laymen, will be as equally repulsed by this outburst as we are. In fact, the scientist who allowed Mr. Mims the platform to expose the sorry saga is a follower of the conventional scientific explanation of origins. Dr. Shawn Carlson is founder of the Society for Amateur Scientists, of which 'The Citizen Scientist' is a forum, and he is quite rightly horrified by the remarks. The trouble is that such ideas are a natural and logical consequence of evolutionism. The millions of sincere people, such as Dr. Carlson, who have faith in macro-evolution as an explanation for the mystery of life, but reject or are unaware of the philosophies that underpin it, are forced to squirm in order to attempt to defend their belief against one of its logical conclusions. In the 'Special Editorial' in the same issue of 'The Citizen Scientist', it is posited how 'Dr. Doom', in pursuing his particular line of work, has had to physically unattach himself from human society and thereby has psychologically distanced himself from it. Depression and 'grumpy old man' syndrome follow, leading to the necessity of the 'victim' to "seek treatment".

If such a scenario was likely we would be amongst the first to show compassion in due measure, but the hypothesis neglects to consider that several hundred members of the Texas Academy of Science do not isolate themselves in deserts for long periods of time, yet show their support for the outrageous conclusions. Neither, as far as we know, are the members of the Texas Academy all old, grumpy or clinically depressed. It is a poor explanation, and we genuinely feel sorry for sincere, but misguided, evolutionists who are forced to have to come up with such nonsense. The editorial also fails to appreciate the fundamental differences between the Darwinist conception of evolution and the new age, pantheistic, mystical conceptions such as that held by the deep ecology of many evolutionary conservationists. (See 'Defining Evolution' coming soon to the articles section).

"So it seems very strange to me for an evolutionist to identify one of evolution's most successful creations [mankind] as somehow operating outside the natural order".

The Darwinist conception of evolution, of course, denies that there is purpose in life or in its alleged mechanisms. It cannot be said that Darwinian evolution creates, it operates by chance, accident and natural selection - the survival of the fittest. Logically then, mankind is not a creation, we are an accident.

"I simply remember history. Adolph Hitler did not invent social ideologies based on hatred of the Jews. He pulled the core of Nazi philosophy from certain influential German philosophers. Rather, Hitler's 'final solution' merely took these perverted ideas farther than those philosophers could have imagined any sane person would take them".

Yes, we should remember history. We should remember that National Socialism built itself largely upon a mystical, pantheistic conception of evolution and put its understanding of natural selection - the survival of the fittest - into practice in its quest for new land. Communism, of course, was built upon the materialist conception of Darwinian evolution. Darwin was often publicly praised by Bolshevik leaders for discovering the mechanism of Communism, and the poor souls held in Chinese indoctrination camps were systematically taught Darwinism.

A partial transcript of the Texas Academy speech, and its question and answer session, has been made from an illicit tape recording of the meeting. The attempt was made to ban video or audio recordings of the event. Now we understand why. But at least one person did not comply with this instruction and the transcript has been made public.

The essential message of the speech is that mankind is destroying nature to such an extent that anything that nature throws back at us is a good thing. Viruses, disease, famine, infertility, you name it - it is welcome. The more that we help to wipe ourselves out through war, abortion, contraception, you name it - is also a good thing. It is most welcome. Overpopulation is the name of the game, and natural selection will sort it out one way or another. If mankind wishes to share the planet 'in harmony' with 'Mother Nature', then at least 5,000,000,000 people must perish. A frightening thought, but one that is deeply ingrained within the hardcore evolutionary mindset. Of course, the evolutionary elite would survive as mankind's representatives in a more harmonious world. Fortunately, overpopulation is not a great issue on a worldwide scale, and has little or no true scientific or statistical data to call upon. It is up to us, who know that nothing in this world happens without the Good Lord allowing it, and that not even a sparrow falls without Him knowing it, to bring the truth about evolution and overpopulation to public attention so that we may start to rebuild the Social Reign of Our Blessed Lord once more.

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