Evolution in Action – Part 1


Evolution in Action
by Michael Fishwick

The philosophy of evolution, its pseudo-scientific expressions, and the cold, callous mindset produced by them, have been responsible for inducing incomprehensible misery and suffering throughout the world. The loss of faith of millions upon millions of people has been mirrored by the rise of evolutionary influence over society. Genocide has advanced to such a degree of scale that even the slaughterhouse of Europe, over a period of two world wars, a fratricidal power struggle pursued by evolutionary based ideologies, is starting to pale in comparison with our modern 'silent' genocides.

The silent killing fields of medically or chemically induced abortion and eugenics, in which is included the growing embryonic stem cell industry, have probably become, in a corporeal sense, the fulcrum upon which the remains of civilization will revive or perish. Kolbe Center advisor Dr. Robert Bennett has correctly pointed out that the true average life expectancy of an American is nearer 17 years than 77. In Russia, it is a staggering 7 years. (See: A Pro-Life Look At Life Expectancy, in our articles section).

A recent report by Human Life International brings the horror and futility of this genocide to stark reality. It also indicates the full extent of the spiritual, moral and intellectual malaise that formerly Christian peoples and nations have fallen into. The report below describes an overseas trip to the Institute for Regenerative Medicine (IRM):

"This interesting facility promises to make Barbados the 'Embryonic Stem Cell Capital of the World'. The IRM imports aborted 6-12 week preborn baby parts from Ukraine, liquefies them into a kind of 'preborn puree', then injects them directly into the arms or body organs of customers. According to the IRM, the preborn's cells use a kind of 'radar' to seek out diseased or damaged cells in the customer's body and then repair them. This procedure was developed at the Ukraine's Institute of Cryobiology, which claims an astonishing 96 percent improvement rate in curing virtually every disease ever recorded. Of course, this extraordinary assertion is not documented anywhere in the medical literature."

"...One 57 year old British woman gushed, 'My skin looked a bit tired. I felt I needed a shot in the arm. There was nothing wrong with me. I just needed a feel-good thing'..."

Meanwhile, over in formerly Catholic, and formerly pro-life Ireland, two brave Ukrainian doctors have just been refused political asylum after being forced to flee their formerly Catholic homeland. Their 'crime'? They helped to expose the horrific trafficking of butchered preborn babies. Ukrainian women are often deceived or bullied into allowing their offspring to be murdered for false medical reasons and to sell the lifeless bodies of their children. It is these little innocents who are sent to the Institute for Regenerative Medicine and similar ghoulish establishments.

It is impossible to calculate, with any real precision, how many human lives have been destroyed by embryonic stem cell research, fertility treatments, cloning experiments and the like. But it is a monstrous figure of death from a monstrous industry. Only the evolutionary logic of the eugenics movement, and the uninformed, state that preborn babies are merely cells and tissues that have no life value. True science, and even common sense, know better. The powerful propagandizing of the eugenics movement and its well placed spokesmen claim that embryonic cells are absolutely necessary for the treatment, and hoped-for cure, of a myriad of conditions. True science knows better. Stem cells, or progenitor cells, are a type of cell that can give rise to other types of cells in the body. Some scientists incorrectly insist that they must be taken from a fetus in order to be effective, before the cells have divided too much and become more specialized.

But an enormous amount of scientific data, knowledge that has continued to grow due to intense research over the past few years, shows that this is not true. Useful stem cells have been identified from many areas of the adult body, and can be removed and cultured without any risk to the donor. Some of them are specialized cells that relate to specific tissues.

Others are more variable and can develop into different types of tissue. They are already being used in treatments for more than 100 diseases and medical conditions. Other sources of stem cells are from the blood contained within the discarded umbilical cord and placenta. Cord blood stem cells should remove, at a stroke, the claimed necessity of 'harvesting' embryonic cells. Whether or not that does happen, still remains to be seen.

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