There are multiple ways to donate to the Kolbe Center.

For one-time or recurring donations via credit/debit card:

Please click here.

If you prefer to mail a check as a donation please make checks out to:

The Kolbe Center
952 Kelly Rd
Mt. Jackson, VA 22842

Did you know you can donate mutual funds to the Kolbe Center?

Stocks that have appreciated give you an income tax deduction for the value on the day they are donated. Stocks that are dogs you want to get rid of also earn an income tax donation for their value on the day they are donated. You don’t need to carry forward.
Have you thought about including The Kolbe Center in your Will? It’s easy to do; we can assist you in getting it done.
IRA’s/RMD’s directed to the Kolbe Center could reduce the premium paid from your Social Security check for Medicare premiums. There are five different monthly premiums, for each person, based on the last two years of income.

If you would like help in setting up a donation to the Kolbe Center,
please email Hugh Owen at

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