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Alison Buman

Dear Mr. Owen,

At the age of 31, after being a confessed atheist for some ten years or more, I experienced a life-changing conversion to Christianity.

My parents had both been members of the Australian Communist Party and I had been indoctrinated at home with atheistic teaching.

After I had received my initial conversion and was hungry for the Bible and further teaching, I remember reading a book called The Seal of God by F.C. Payne. At the time I was struggling with many questions as I had been much affected by evolutionary teaching, having received this in my History lessons at High School. I remember that when I finished reading The Seal of God, that I was not only absolutely certain of the existence of God, but I also believed that He was the Creator and that the Bible was in fact the inerrant Word of God and that I should accept and obey all it asked of me. I had had a great struggle with the question of who determines truth and that there must be absolutes in truth and this question was now settled for me for once and for all; the Bible was the absolute truth and I would be obedient and true to it.

I had an insatiable thirst to read and I devoured many books on the Bible, the Bible itself and also much literature on Creation, which at the time was put out by the creation science ministry which is now called Answers in Genesis.

Since my original conversion, I have always sought to be obedient to the Bible and accepted what I thought it taught without question. However, in more recent years I began to wonder what Church God would choose for me to attend and so I commenced to pray for direction and for God to show me.

I realise now that I had become very narrow-minded and thought that I had an answer for everything. I became exposed to some Catholics who knew their Bible very well and really lived their faith vibrantly and I became more open. I finally decided to purchase a Catechism and see just what these Catholics did believe. I was greatly surprised to find that the Catechism was full of Scriptures and had explanations for those Scriptures which had seemed to be obscure to me previously. I was becoming very excited and it was quite like my initial discovery of faith. I finally decided to attend a Mass to see just what did happen (I had never been to a Mass before) and I was amazed to hear so much scripture being quoted in all parts of the Mass.

After many trials and tribulations, I was finally received into God’s Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church at Easter in April 1999 and I have been in love with the faith and the Lord’s One True Church ever since.

My only disappointment has been the great lack of faith amongst so many Catholics in relation to Creation and an absolute belief in the Bible, particularly the literal details of the Book of Genesis. The Church and Her teaching institutions have been so infiltrated with evolutionary teachings and beliefs for the last fifty or more years and this has, I believe, been the cause of many to leave the true faith and to accept other fundamental teachings, especially those where Creation is taught as a literal interpretation of the Genesis record and is backed up by historical and scientific evidence.

My faith has been somewhat restored since I have discovered the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation and have read some of their documentation and in particular the book of Gerry Keane entitled Special Creation Rediscovered. It is a relief to discover that the early Fathers of the Church believed and taught a literal interpretation of Genesis. Any other option does not make sense and it is a shame that so many young Catholic people make this discovery in Protestant Bible-believing Churches and then, unfortunately, accept their erroneous beliefs instead of true Catholic doctrine.

I am so grateful to God for the gift of my Catholic faith and I am so indebted to the Blessed Virgin Mary, who I believe was praying and interceding for me and leading me back to her crucified Son and to His One True Church.

Mrs Alison Buman
42 Echuca Rd
Rochester VIC 3561
June 20, 2006

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