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  • Hannah Holden

    Dear Mr. Owen, I'm a seventeen year old home-schooler, I live in Wichita, Kansas, with my father, mother, brother, and two sisters. My family became Catholic in 1994, and I happily attended our church's school from kindergarten upward, digesting books on biology and paleontology. On Sundays over lunch I would eagerly listen to my Dad reason aloud on the silliness of animals evolving into other kinds, and the way that all of the differently colored nations could stem from Adam and Eve. These topics were fascinating, so I naturally wanted to discuss them with my teachers, in whose classes I earned good grades, and who were my leaders and friends. The first time I raised my hand and questioned my science teacher, that perhaps archaeopteryx was not a missing link between reptiles and birds (as he was saying), but was a fully formed animal, he looked at me like I was insane and said that the evidence for evolution was obvious, but was too complicated to be discussed in a sixth grade classroom. It was disappointing to have him sidestep my questions, but it was heart-wrenching when I asked my religion teacher how six days of creation could possibly fit …

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