Creation Rediscovered

Creation Rediscovered – Evolution and The Importance of The Origins Debate
Second and Expanded Edition, Gerard J. Keane, Tan Books, 1999, 397 pages.
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Gerry Keane has been involved with the Catholic creationist movement for many years. This book is the fruit of his research in the field. It covers the topic of origins from many different angles. We are indebted to Gerry for this work.

Today’s world for the most part rejects the authority of the Church and the Bible and will listen only to science when it comes to questions about the natural world. However, reality includes both the supernatural and the natural and it is practically impossible to separate the two, especially when it comes to the issue of origins.

Recognizing this, Gerry not only shows how the Church and the Bible proclaim that the world was created directly by God only thousands of years ago, but he demonstrates that natural science itself lends support to a literal interpretation of Genesis and argues against the idea of a world formed by chance or accident billions of years ago. Gerry also shows how Theistic creationists – those who would like to believe that God used evolution in the creation of the world – unnecessarily compromise the teachings of the Church and the Bible while bowing to evolutionism.

In the section on discoveries of science, it is established that the fossil record contains fully formed animals with no transitional links to simpler forms. The sheer quantity of fossils and the evidence of their rapid burial support the idea of a global flood only thousands of years in the past. Studies of DNA show that living organisms could not have arisen by chance and do not naturally have the ability to accumulate additional genetic information.

The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics show that nature cannot create itself and must have had its beginning sometime in the not-to-distant past. Dating methods are not a reliable method for indicating the age of rocks or fossils. There is much scientific evidence to suggest that the world is only thousands of years old.

This book points out how acceptance of the molecules-to-man theory of evolution has led to the destruction of morals in society. The rise of Nazism was in large part due to the idea of a master race that was more highly evolved than other, inferior races. Marxism and Communism depend heavily on evolution and naturalism for their Godless theories. Humanism starts with the proposition that God is not necessary for existence and ultimately leads to the culture of death.

Creation Rediscovered is a must-read for any Catholic with a serious interest in the origins debate within the Church and in the secular world. Although it is not light reading, those who persevere to the end will be greatly rewarded. The detailed scriptural, theological, philosophical, and scientific support for a literal interpretation of the first chapters of Genesis is presented. It shows clearly that a rediscovery of the truth of the Genesis creation account is key to a restoration of the Church and society.

Gerry has also written a condensed version of Creation Rediscovered entitled Special Creation Rediscovered – Catholicism and the Origins Debate, which is 96 pages and is available for $6. This could serve as an excellent introduction to the topic for the person who did not need all the details.

Reviewed by Eric Bermingham
February 2, 2006